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Stories of our customers


Guys from Waterdrop came to us a few years ago with their “drop “. A small cube, which enriches with fruit and plant extracts the best drink in the world – pure water. We designed a retail packing and graphics for them.

Together with the client

We were so excited about their idea, so we have decided to move even further. We have gradually started doing graphics and prototyping of bottles, in-store design and its installation, and much more. Today we are an exclusive partner of Waterdrop in the Czech and Slovak market. We take care entirely of their fulfillment, such as warehouse, packing, logistics, managing of returns, for the whole Middle Europe region.

waterdrop krabička
waterdrop lahev

Perfect Cooperation

Thanks to cooperation with us, Waterdrop can concentrate on those activities that are important – marketing, developing new products, and sales. We managed that this type of collaboration works and enrich all of us.

Our authentic story explains why we always build a strong relationship with our clients to move our relationship to a higher level. Find out more here.