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One app and all e-commerce at your fingertips

We have created a convenient integration option for our customers to the most popular e-shop platforms and marketplaces. No complexities, no fees. Simple integration in a few clicks.


Ready modules

Choose one of our pre-built modules. Its use is completely free for Authentica Fulfillment customers.


If you need to integrate a platform that we don’t offer, feel free to contact us.


The most widespread e-commerce platform in the Czech Republic with two-way synchronization.


The world’s most famous e-commerce platform, on which even the biggest e-commerce players run.


Open-source e-shop solution on WordPress. The module synchronizes both orders and warehouses.


API documentation

Do you have your own solution? No problem. We’ll provide you with our well-documented API documentation that you can link to. If that’s not in your power, we’ll do the connecting for you.