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Price list for services and storage

Whit outsourcing logistics, you only pay for the services you actually use. This eliminates the fixed costs of the warehouse and warehouse staff. Calculate the indicative cost of outsourcing logistics and start focusing on what’s important in your business.


We are transparent in our pricing. You only pay for the services used at a price you know in advance. This gives you a perfect overview of your logistics costs.

What does the price consist of


We charge for the number of units of goods received. This price includes quality control, stacking and system registration. If the goods do not have a barcode, we will mark the goods correctly to eliminate errors.

What does the price consist of


We store goods in pre-defined storage units of various sizes. Our algorithm determines the best way to store the goods in order to make the most efficient use of storage space and save you storage costs.

What does the price consist of

Order processing

We charge for completing the package and according to the number of items picked. The price for order processing is individual according to the complexity of packaging of specific products. For example, completing an order with glass will be more expensive than an order with phone packaging.

What does the price consist of

Packaging material

We have our own cartoning plant for the production of packaging materials, thanks to which we offer excellent prices. You can choose from many types of packaging materials, from flap boxes to envelopes. If the size/type we offer does not suit you, we can produce a bespoke package for you, including printing.

What does the price consist of


We cooperate with most of the carriers that operate in our country. We have negotiated bulk rates with carriers, which allows us to offer some of the best freight rates on the market. This gives our customers more room for their margin.

What does the price consist of

Returned shipments

It doesn’t end when you send the package. Every e-shop deals with returns, which we can handle efficiently. We will register and process the returned parcel. We inspect the goods, take photo documentation and then stock the goods. If the goods do not pass our inspection, we process them according to your instructions.

What does the price consist of

Extra services

Whether it’s for assembling in our sheltered workshops or any other job, we’re here to help. The price is individual according to the complexity of the work. If you agree to it, we’ll get to work.


Frequently Asked Questions

We can adapt our services to both large and small e-shops. Contact us and we will surely find a solution that will be ideal for you.

Our storage capacity is sufficient to allow us to provide clients with a one-off increase in capacity. And even on an expedited basis.

We can adapt to your needs and set the parameters of fulfillment and other services to suit you perfectly. Of course, it’s not free, but you only pay for the warehouse space you use. And we handle shipping services in bulk, so we can offer favorable pricing. In addition, you can count on the time you save, which would otherwise be eaten up by the warehouse and logistics agenda and which you can use meaningfully, for example, for business development.