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Do what is important for your business and stop losing time with logistics – we are here to help!
With Fulfillment by Authentica, you can resolve all your logistics issues in just a few steps.

Connect to your current system

Connect your ERP or e-commerce solution to make your work more comfortable and safe time.

Thanks to the connection, we automatically import all your orders. No manual action is required.

příjem zboží

Receiving your inventory

Just send your inventory to our warehouse. There are no limits. We can receive stock from any of your suppliers during the whole year.

We can help you with the transportation from your suppliers to our facility, including international transport.


We have thousands of pallet spaces. Thanks to that, we can store almost high volumes of your inventory. There are tens of cameras and security services for maximum protection of your stock.

You always pay for the store you use, based on real storage usage. In case that you do not have any inventory, you do not pay.

příjem objednávek

Order receiving

Place your order via API, CSV file, or manually and we will process it as soon as possible.

In the user interface, you see a summary of all orders you placed.

Pick & Pack

Once we receive your order, we process it as soon as possible. This includes picking all items from the storage and packing to the box you prefer.

This process is super effective. Thanks to that, we process all orders very fast.



We send packages directly to your customers via the carrier you prefer. If you have a contract with a carrier already, you can use your shipping account as well.

You see all orders, including tracking numbers, in your user account.

Additional Services

marketingové konzultace

Marketing consultation

We help you to succeed, from consulting your marketing strategy to specific marketing solutions.

Philips in-store

In-store design

Do you have a store? We can design attractive in-store design that will attract your customers.

návrh obalů

Design and production

We design and produce any retail box based on your preferences: regular, gift, eco, or special limited packing.


Product assembly

Assembling of your products and their storage. Everything in one place.

Contact us

Are you interested in our services? Feel free to contact us for a business proposal right for your business needs.