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Authentica is not fulfillment only. We create POS/POP media, premium retail packaging, store decorations, and in-store design. Honestly, creative and mainly enthusiastic. We have thousands of projects done, and we got a lot of awards.

We help to succeed

We know after years in this business how to help our clients to grow and develop better products. And because of that, we love to work closely with our clients to offer a wide variety of our services, such as product design, product development, logistics, and so on.

We care about the world around us. We love to share our knowledge, experience, and connect skillful people around us. We help the needy, for example, via our sheltered workshop, and we also care for the environment around us.

návrh designu

We always offer something extra

In addition to fulfillment service, we can offer our marketing and sales know-how, packaging design and its production, eco-packaging consultations, completing your products, and so on, to grow together.