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Are you interested in outsourcing logistics from Authentica Fulfillment? Leave us your contact details and we will contact you shortly for a tailored fulfillment quote for your needs.

Who we are

Our team

We are Authentica Fulfillment, a member of the Authentica Group.. With us you will get the most comprehensive logistics outsourcing services in the Czech Republic. Store your goods in modern halls with strategic connections to D1, Vienna and Bratislava. For our clients we offer a range of services tailored to their needs. We can design adequate solutions for renowned brands and e-commerce newcomers.


You're in good company


Thanks to Authentica’s fulfillment, our hands are finally free. The packages leave our customers on time and nicely packed exactly according to our specifications, the connection to the e-shop is fully functional and very user-friendly, so it really saves us a lot of time. A big plus for us is the individual approach to our specific needs and the willingness to address even quite non-standard requests.

Jana Podroužková

shop owner


I’m grateful that Authentica Fulfillment is not just a warehouse and shipping company for us, it’s our partner on our journey together to a happy customer. I appreciate their personal touch, brilliant support in non-standard situations and flawlessness. I recommend them!

Martin Valeš


Why Authentica Fulfillment

Benefits that save time and money

Saving time

Don’t waste your time on logistics and start focusing on your business.

Discounts on postage

With our volume discounts, you’ll get better postage rates.

With our volume discounts, you'll get better postage rates.

You don’t pay rent for the entire warehouse or wages to warehouse workers. You only pay for the services you use.

Easy integration

Integrate your eshop or marketplace for automatic order processing in a few clicks.

Perfect overview

You have a perfect overview of all your shipments and stock 24/7, whether on PC or mobile.

Packaging materials and assembly

We have our own production of packaging materials and a protected workshop for assembling your products.