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Fulfillment center  for  ecommerce

Move your business forward and leave all logistics hassle to professionals.
Modern logistics outsourcing via fulfillment center to save your time and money.

How it works?

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Store your inventory

Pallets or the whole container, we always check your inventory to ensure it is in good shape. After that, we store it in our warehouse.

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Receive Orders

We connect to your current system for the automatic processing of your orders. Via your account, you always know what the currect status of all orders is.

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Ship to your customers

Fast, effective, and with no hassle. We pick&pack all orders and ship with the carrier you prefer, right to your customers.

Everything in one place

Since 2003, we help our clients to grow. We design modern retail packing, assemble products and offer complete in-store design.

Authentica is a great partner for your business. Thanks to years of experience, we are able to propose and implement the complete package design, including its production, storage, and fulfillment.


We do much more than just shipping! Our fulfillment service is not just about the storage and shipping of packages to your customers and partners. Together with our fulfillment service, you can profit from our retail packing design experience, including its production and assembly — everything in one place, fast, with no delays.

logistika pro eshopy

E-commerce logistics

We offer an all-in-one logistics solution for e-commerce with automatic order processing and connection to your current system.

B2B logistika

B2B logistics

Storage of your stock, shipping of pallets, and shipping to your stores or business partners.

návrh obalů

Retail packing design and production

We design a unique retail packing to attract customers. Regular, ecological, or some individual packing, we are here to help.


Products assembly

We take care of your products’ assembly to the retail packing and store it in our warehouse. Based on your individual needs, with no delays.

Why Fulfillment by Authentica?

Save time and money

Spend your time on growing your business, not logistics. You always save money compared to running your own warehouse.

Season peaks

Even during busy seasons, we process all orders fast, thanks to our effective processes and automatization.

Individual approach

Our customers have individual needs. Because of that, we always fit our services exactly for the needs of your business.

Everything in one place

From design of retail packing, its production, assembly of products to fulfillment. We take care of the whole process.

Additional services

Receiving your inventory, shipping discounts, processing of claims, and much more – always for free.

Everything under control

In your account, you have full control of the processing of your orders and detailed reports.


moderní skladovací prostory

Modern warehouse space near Brno

skladovací plocha

11 500 m² of warehouse space

nakládací rampa s auty

Excellent availability to neighboring countries

Our customers

Since 2003, we cooperate with local and world-famous global brands.

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Supported carriers

We cooperate with the most popular carriers to offer domestic and international shipping as well. You can use your shipping account or our and get an additional shipping discount.