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See how much we charge for our fulfillment service. With the correct settings, you can achieve significant savings compared to running your own warehouse.

What we charge


Stored in our secure warehouse. You always pay for used storage only.

Pick & Pack

We pick&pack items and prepare a package to ship to your final customers.

Shipping boxes

You can choose from many types of boxes. We can also create custom boxes just for you.


Thanks to our volume discount, we offer the best shipping rates possible.


Pick & pack is charged based on the total amount of items contained in the shipment. With more shipped packages, you get an additional discount.

See our pricing below. The final pricing is always based on your specific business needs. Feel free to contact us to get individual pricing right for you.

How many orders per month

2500 orders
On request
First item 50 Pick&pack for the first item contained in a package.
Additional item 9
Return 35 Return
Promo insert 1


We store all products in storage bins. Each SKU needs to be in its own storage bin. Two different SKUs cannot be in one storage bin to make the processing of all orders as effective as possible.

Small bin

20 x 25 x 80 cm
0,04 m3

12 Kč/month

Medium bin

40 x 25 x 80 cm
0,08 m3

18 Kč/month

Large bin

40 x 50 x 80 cm
0,16 m3

30 Kč/month


120 x 80 x 166 cm
1,6 m3

220 Kč/month

Servis that are included


Receiving all your inventory is free of charge. We always inform you about new stock.

Free photos

For better evidence, we take photos of each SKU to avoid mistakes during processing.

Address validation

Our system automatically detects incorrect address format, so we always ship packages to valid addresses.

Shipping discounts

You get better shipping rates thanks to our volume discounts. You can choose one of our many supported shipping methods.

Account manager

A personal approach is always the best. With Authentica, you have a dedicated account manager.

Ecological packing

We take care of our planet. We can recommend ecological packaging, which is ideal right for you.

Claims processing

In case of any problems with your shipment, such as a damaged package, we are ready to help.

Product design recommendations

We recommend you the best way how to make your product attractive.

Additional services

projekty na míru

Custom projects

350 CZK/h

vysokozdvižný vozík

Container unloading

350 CZK/h


Promo insert

1 CZK/piece


Stickers adding

2 CZK/piece

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